Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Flash Fiction #2

 Flash Fiction 2

Prequel to the last flash fic

She had been chosen when she turned 15, like many before her. The Dark Lord of Ajnou always needed a bride, even if no one had seen him for 20 years. But the villagers did not dare to tempt fate so every 5 years they sent a new girl there. There were never more than 3 women at a time at the castle for every now and then he drained one and left the corpse to rot. But now the castle had more residents than ever and they just waited and waited. Servants woke the women each day, dressed them in veils and jewellery and let them amuse themselves. They had even forgot to fear the Dark Lord.

To this Lyandra had been sent 4 years ago. Four boring boring years ago. Back then she had been all smiles and laughter. She had been chosen after all. She would bring fame and fortune to her family so they would not starve. Of course her father had drunk it all, her siblings had left and her mother dad died. She had also found that a golden cage, is still just a cage.

But Lyandra was not a fool, she had done the best she could over those 4 years. She had learned to read and write.  She had even coaxed the soldiers to teach her to fight, and use weapons. She was skilled in many things by now, but of course there was always the problem that what would she do with it all? She would just sit there for the rest of her life until HE came back and killed them all.

She could not exactly say when it changed but she just woke one morning and wanted to leave. She planned for months and just before her 20th birthday she put her plan in motion. It was pretty simple really. She had been leaving things in a hiding place for weeks. Then one day she escaped, well she let them believe she was just playing as she had before. And then she dropped her dress at the river, like she had taken a bath and oh no, she never came back up. A sad day when she drowned and everyone mourned.

Or least she hoped so. She had stolen a horse two villages over and was now riding for life and death to the province of Lutger where she would start a new life. Maybe even as an assassins, silly thought she laughed and rode on.

The end


  1. Aaah. I like the idea here. And the castle with all those women waiting. Wow! Great idea.

    1. It was all cos of that next pic, something is coming, but that is after what happened in the first story

  2. Love the image with the gold cage :) I was going to go back and re-read the 1st flash but by the end, it had all come back. Can't wait to read more!

    1. :) Aye my assass, I had meant to tie it to that one but then I saw your pic and it kind of changed but I still managed it