Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flash Fiction #5

The Sacrifice

"The Gods love you, you are their favorite child among men".
She refused to look at the priest uttering the soothing words. She was afraid, and it took all of her will power not to shake like a leaf. She felt cold in her thin linnen dress. Her feet felt even colder, it was as if the fear made her doubt the warm light of the Gods.

I am their favorite child, she whispered to herself as they put a ruby to her forehead.
"Now the Gods will find you in the next life. A holy beacon of light. A sacrifice for the will and good of all mankind."
The ruby was sticking to her forehead with some kind of glue and it smelled  badly. It almost made her forget her fear. She closed her eyes for a moment and heard music. It was coming. Closer and closer her doom was coming. A deep breath. She opened her eyes and looked around. There were priests all around her in the cold marble hall. They all looked at the door with joy on their faces. The door slowly opened and she could hear the priestesses singing. The last one carried her crown. Her iron crown of red red roses. Deep breath. Nothing to fear.

"Holy Sister, we welcome thee," they said and kneeled before her. The one holding the crown gave it to the priest by her side.
"You will enter their holy light," he said and placed it on her head. Then another joined him and she screamed out in pain. She could no longer hold it inside as the iron spikes cut into her skull.
She dropped to her knees with blood streaming down her face. She looked up at the opening in the ceiling and soon light emerged. The sun kissed her face and blood dripped down on the floor. She felt warm.The crown was feeling heavy and she was tired. So very tired. They lift her up and carried her to the pool in the middle.
"Bless you", they said as the hold her under water and it grew dark.


  1. Oh my! What a way to be sacrificed. Poor girl. I'd be scared, if I where her, too!

  2. A great take on the picture. Loved the imagery but poor girl!

    1. Thanks :D Well I could not save the poor thing