Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Flash Fiction

The Ceremony

He was dead and gone. Buried in the lake he loved. Loved and missed. Missed with every breath she took. She could not stop loving him, she could not go on. 10 long years had passed, and other women had loved and lost, but found love again. She, she could not. She dreamed of him at night, and thought about him during the day. She talked to him like he still was there. That longing had led her to this. Her body were now filled with markings and her mind with magic. During the day she covered up the best she could, because if others saw the marks they would know what she had been up to. No good.

The moon was shining as she ran through the woods. She was late, the ceremony had to start soon for it to work. She bit her lip and ran faster. When she came to the lake she breathed for the first time in what felt like hours. She fell to her knees and started chanting. The marks started to glow in the moonlight and slowly she could see his face at the bottom. As the dark magic filled the air around her his body began to float to the surface. She put her hand forward as he came forth. She started to cry when she saw his face. There was no face.

The dark magic died out and the air felt suffocating. His skeleton stood before her and she knew what she had to do. She took out a knife and stood up. Sounds came from a rock nearby and she went there and smiled. Behind it sat the butcher to where she had lured him earlier. With promises of kisses and more. But then she had used magic to tie him up. He looked scared to death and he should be.
"Your flesh is his flesh. Your blood is his blood." she said and cut his throat. She called the skeleton to her and sat him down in the blood while she carved up the body. It took all night but soon there was not much left of the butcher. She had butchered him alright. She was bloody and tired. But her deed was done. Before her he stood, flesh and blood had made him like he was before. Her beloved.
"Speak," she said and his eyes turned to her.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Flash Fiction

 The Battle of Archon 5

Ana put down her gun and sighed. Her muscles were stiff and she could not relax for a second. The battle was over but every cell in her body still screamed fight! She looked around and saw that everyone else was as tense too. But they were right to be. The area might be secure for now but the cyborgs always came back, and always in greater numbers. She followed her fellow soldiers inside for a quick briefing and then they were done.
“Fuck this shit,” she mumbled and went to take off her armour. It took a while and she could only dream of a long hot shower. But before that she sat down on the bench and kissed the medallion around her neck. She thanked whatever powers that were that she was safe. She breathed in, out and relaxed for the first time in 24 hours. Home base was safe for now.

No one said much in mess hall but after a day like today words were not needed. Ana tried to look around but she could not see Gideon anywhere. Damn. She could not really ask for her lover either. Why would she ask for a officer from another platoon? But she was worried. He was always there to show her he was safe. He had to be hurt, or worse.

It was a long night and she twisted and turned in her little bed. She got up in the middle of the night and walked to the infirmary. She knew the nurse at hand and complained about a headache. She got a few pills and saw that work was mostly done for the night. So she chatted with Nurse Carter for a while and then asked about casualties.  MIA. With a heavy heart she went back, but she never made it far. The alarm sounded and they seemed to come from everywhere. It was complete chaos and she, she just stood there as one came closer. She could see he was not complete and she wondered why they had sent a model like that. But then she saw her lover's face. By instinct she put up her hands and touched his face. For a brief moment she saw grief and pain before the face twisted in rage. A single tear fell down her face before he snapped her neck.