Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Flash fiction

"I adore you, you do know that?"
She did not raise her head to look at him. Her anger making her blood boil. She had loved him, she had given her everything and this was how he repaid her?
"But I must send you away, just for a little while. Until things cool down,"he hesitated."Until my wife cools down."
She wanted to scream and fight, and scream some more. Why was she such a fool to love him? Why did he make her heart beat faster? Why could she not say no. So she nodded and he kissed her forehead.
"I love you, my sweetling," he said and walked away.

The house was nice, she had servants and had everything else she could possibly have. Except him of course. But the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months. Until she had enough and left in the darkness. He did return for her. It took him a year but he came, only to find no one except the servants. They all said she had gone out just a day ago but he could see their were lying. He searched and searched, but never found her, and his heart broke for sending her away. She had been the light of his life, his fiery red-headed mystery.

But even though Sana missed him, she went on with her life. She loved the woods and she settled down. She started to build a new life and everything was fine, until the day she was near others and heard them talk. About how her lover's wife was dead. The queen was dead. She felt restless at once, the ache of missing him stronger than ever. So she headed into the woods and near a stream she sat down. She wiped her tears and smiled.

Darlings!” Her sweet puppies came running and jumped at her. She kissed them all and they fell asleep in her arms.

Whatever would she tell her lover when she came back with 3 puppies, they were stubborn boys and preferred this form. They were all kitsune after all.


  1. There is a story here. I can feel it. She sounds very special. He should have kept her, but darn the queen! ;)

    1. Thanks :) I would so want to put more into this story

  2. Yes! Each section has the potential for lots of expansion. Very cool :)

    1. Dunno why I have started to write like this ;) It's like I need to write more