Friday, 22 August 2014

Flash Fiction

 The lovers

Matt took her hand and held it tightly. It was a way up, but what was that now. Nothing.
"All the way up?"
She nodded and for a moment everything was ok again. They raced each other up the stairs and she won. She cheered and looked down, he was only half way up, and reality set again. With a sigh she sat down and stared up at the sky. The big big sky, not so empty now.
"I got chocolate." That was the only thing he said when he came up. He took half and gave half to her. Silence again.
"I wish I had met you sooner." There she had said it and regret flooded her. She saw the same in his face. They had not been supposed to talk about that. The what if. So many what ifs. All the different ways, no, do not think about it.
"I know."
She let the chocolate melt on her tongue. She loved the stuff but it had been impossible to get a hold of for a year. Like with so many other things. She did not want to think about the past few years, they had all been bad. She snuggled up against him.
"How do you think it will feel?"
"I do not know. They say it will be instantly."
"But does it hurt?"
"I do not know." He took the chance and kissed her, long and sweet. Kisses of regret and lost time. A salty kiss of the tears they both shed.
"I know we are supposed to be brave but I am scared," she finally whispered. "I am so scared."
He held her tightly and stroke her hair. "Do not be scared, you are here with me."
"If I had been alone..."
"No, do not go there." He looked at her and kissed her again. "I love you Amanda."
"I love you too," she let her fingers play with his hair. Stroke his cheek, touch his lips. The clothes were gone in an instant, and for a moment everything was good. Just the two of them embracing in the dark night. But this was the last night ever. Galaxies were colliding. Life was ending. But they had each other.


  1. Oh, I loved this. I like the doom of end but sweet of love. Well done! That was a lovely kiss. The galaxies colliding, so cool! There is a story of the last few years here too. :)

    1. I did enjoy writing it, so sad :/

  2. The tone of this was perfectly sad and really heightened the relationship between the two.

    1. Thanks :) I like that I do not have to do murderous all the time, ha