Saturday, 20 September 2014

Flash Fiction


It was said that Gods had placed these swords in the desert. In a time where Gods still walked the land, and when men still believed. Though he had a hard time believing this. When Men had settled the planet it had been empty, except for the strange stone pillars in the desert. So most likely there had been some sort of civilization that had been wiped out. As they stood now they were the line that lead to the City of Ashran. And the reason he just did not fly in was that he was wanted in the City of Ashran. Totally not his fault by the way. And then there was the slight malfunction of his ship that had made him crash. Now, everyone could have a bad day, he had had several in a row, make that several years.

Life at the frontier was brutal. As it had always been. The main government's influence did not really reach the outskirts of space. There officials set themselves up as Kings, Warlords, or whatever hell they liked to call themselves. They ruled with iron fists and he had had the misfortune of killing one of them. Ok, that had totally been his fault cos that asshole had it coming. He had walked right up to him and stabbed him in the eye, and then in a few more places. Therefore being an outlaw in Ashran. But he was back, and he had come to claim what was his. His wife.

The swords seemed to hum with the desert breeze. He did not stop, but he started to feel strange. Like every step took longer, like his anger burned a hole in his chest. Like, he stopped and fell to his knees. The pain was like nothing he had ever felt before. And then the screaming started, a thousand voices in his head at voice and he understood. He understood what the swords were. Prisons for Gods from several worlds. Prison made by a race who had lives in this galaxy long long ago. A race who had moves on millions of years ago. His anger had woken the Gods and they wanted out.

How long he lay there was anyone's guess. But when he stood again his eyes were black and his body houses a thousand Gods. He made it to Ashran before falling down dead and the Gods fled. They fed and fed, until they could take form. And then the city of Ashran lay in ruins, everyone was dead, everyone on  the planet was dead. This was the time of Gods.