Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction 1
I hate titles, so nothing this time

Lyandra did not mean to brag, but she was the best of the best. At least in the province of Lutger, and whatever people thought, assassins stayed in their own territory, that is if nothing big came up. Like now. The Duke of Lutger was going to the capital of Rsahan's neighboring country. Peacetalks and that usual boring stuff. But before he went he had hired her for an assassination on the King of Rsahan. This was crazy and she usually did not do royal assassinations, they usually found a way to bite everyone in the ass. But she was desperate. She was not the kind of women who sat on her money, no she has spent it all and the little she had left was nowhere near to cover this latest expense. Having to pay off another assassin who tried to black mail her. Usually she would just have killed the person but this bugger had covered his tracks well. She needed money and fast. So that is how she ended up in New Morwen, the capital of the blasted kingdom of Rsahan.

She sat on a rooftop and looked at the castle. This would be tricky, she was good, just provincial, not this good. She bit her lip and took our her crossbow. It had to be like this. she could not do a quick stabbing and run, she had to wait and then wait some more.

Waiting was boring but she was on her guard. She could see Duke Lutger now and took out her crossbow. There the king was, he was riding out to meet the delegation. She took a deep breath and whispered a few words to the arrow. A crossbow arrow would never hit him at this distance, but one infused with magic certainly would. For a second she looked at the king. He was young, he was truly handsome, what a shame. She let the arrow fly and it hit him right in the chest. She did not even see him fall off the horse, she was already on her way. The city would be in uproar, every stranger would be checked. She had change to her disguise and get the freck out of here. She smiled as she jumped from rooftoop to rooftop. She would pay the blackmailer and she would cut out his heart and eat it.


  1. Oh, I'd get bored waiting too. She's a dangerous one, that woman. :) Poor King.

    1. First I was oh they fall in love! But then eh, I will just kill him

    2. Hahaha, for a moment I thought she'd go to him & fall in love. Debt paid with his wealth. But love the killing him better. ;D

    3. You know me so well ;)

  2. I love the shock factor in your stories. Better than anything formulaic, for sure :)