Friday, 5 September 2014

Flash Fiction

The Swamp

Darkness, colors, sensing, feeling. He did not know where he was, he did not know what he was doing. He did not know anything except for suddenly feeling cold. Very cold. But everything else whirled around him and he could not feel, taste, or touch. Were his eyes open? He did not know. Did he breathe? He did not know. What madness was this? A rainbow of colors exploded before him. Suddenly he could taste salt. Then it was iron. No, that was blood. Now his body hurt and his lungs burned. He wanted to rip them out but he had no arms.
With a gasp his head came above water and he could not almost breathe. He coughed and green muck came out. Bloody hell! It took quite some time before he could breathe normally and then finally he remembered. He was in the Witch Swamp. He was meant to kill her but instead he had almost drowned when one of her guardian beasts attacked.
“Bloody hell,” he swore again and contemplated the loss of his sword. Another swearword and he dove to get it. He needed it to kill the witch, but this sword would never be ok again.
Before him the biggest tree he had ever seen stood. There inside the witch would be watching him right now. He was sure he had heard a scream while he fought the monster. Around him the murky water hid tree roots and The Gods know what else.
“Bloody witches!” He started walking the best he could and swam when needed. Sometimes he saw things move but nothing attacked. It was a bit too peaceful. When he finally made it ashore he felt 10 pounds heavier. Mud, water, blood and guts. No time for that now. The tree was before him and the door was..opening?
Hell! With his sword ready he saw someone rush out and scream.
“Don’t hurt me,” the terrified woman screamed and threw herself on the ground. She started sobbing. She was dressed in rags but he still saw her beauty.
“Who are you!?”
She looked up with big eyes and cowered. “The witch meant to steal my beauty, but she was watching you and I escaped. Please please, let me escape because if you fail to kill her I am doomed.”
He felt sorry for the poor lass and gave her his hand. She smiled, and he knew no more as she ripped his throat out.


  1. I like the idea of him underwater and in the water. And I had a feeling that woman was the witch. LOL! Great! :D

    1. Those stupid soldiers never see it coming. I mean come on man of course she was a witch :)

    2. lol. They are in it for the glory. ;D And weak for a pretty girl. LOL!

    3. Exactly :) And how knows, maybe the witch was nice...or not

  2. I suspected her right away too...even before she ripped out his throat, lol. Great visuals.

    1. It was pretty a woman ;) Hehe